high school and vocational

training, a double success!

At the same time as you're finishing your high school or adult education studies, get started in a trade that interests you by enrolling in a vocational training program.

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Conditions for concurrent registration

Starting in Cycle 2 of high school, you can enroll in a concurrent program as long as you have successfully completed the French, English and math units in your 3rd year of high school.

A student's concomitant journey

This type of educational path allows you to enter the job market more quickly by combining your studies. Your week will be divided into 3 days of vocational training and 2 days of high school or adult education.

The length of a concurrent course may vary. Thanks to individualized teaching, you'll be able to progress at your own pace in your vocational training, developing your autonomy, planning and organization.

The result

You'll be rewarded with two diplomas, a Diploma of Secondary Studies (SSD) and a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS), in addition to meeting the admission requirements to continue your studies at college.

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